Keeping Score

Whatever the number, it will be more than any of us can bear.”–Mayor Giuliani, 9/11/01

If you ask mWE WON!

But where is the time keeper?
and the guy with the yellow card holding up foul?

So far, on August 3, 2010it’s World Trade Center

–clerks: messengers, lawyers, bus boys,firefighters, typists, programmers:

less than 3,000.

While the Afghans
– poppy farmers, wedding guests, teachers,hairdressers, students, well-diggers:

are about 20,000.

17,000 ahead!
Add in Pakistan, Iraq and you pile up more thousands!

Look at those brawny young guys running raggedwhile the coaches frown.

Those referees––where’d they come from, anyway?And the fans in the stadium, going wild,screaming “knock em dead!

We’re so far ahead it’s hard to remember the score.How many more minutes are left in this game anyway?

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