Yosemite Near Bridal Veil Falls

Sierra Falls • Oil on Canvas, 63” x 60”

Even mountains disappear in cloud.
Let’s put on our boots.

Where snow isn’t
heaped up maple leaves shoulder on.

On the orange carpet, a dead mouse,
white legs and tail, the mouth open,

whiskers placed just so.
Who knew? What else lives in this boulder field?

Big as a tank, the granite is cracked in half:
–lichen, water, frost and sixty thousand years.

Stable, the kind of friend I like;

When Zephyrus decided to bother everyone with his sweet breath,
he practiced here first.

Is this Tuesday or Wednesday?
Unleashed from its moorings,

a great consignment of golden light
sidles onto the giant captain’s face.

Roads, pavement, buses and our two feet:
partners in the pile of the flimsy.

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