Keeping Score

Whatever the number, it will be more than any of us can bear.”–Mayor Giuliani, 9/11/01

If you ask mWE WON!

But where is the time keeper?

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In Time a Sort of Grandeur from Richard Wilbur

In time a sort of grandeur haunts the rooms
where you have stood day after day

washing dishes, turning the thermostat down to sixty two
,before the weary climb upstairs to bed.

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Idyl for Juliette

You wore your cello in your brown backpack, tall as yourself,
another for the trip around the world when you were 84.

“But Juliette, who are you acquainted with in Mongolia?”
“Oh, well, you know, people are nice to old ladies.”

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Crows Woke Me

Crows woke me,
It’s that way with you, love:

your raucous cawing
and your disreputable congregation.Break up everything.
your black, shining feathers.

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